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Honor on the line. Unicycles on the battlefield. Helmets nowhere to be seen.

Fight to the death with a friend on the same computer. 5 maps to choose from, each with something new. You can start playing straight from the main menu by hitting the space bar to send you to a random map. WASD for player 1 and arrow keys for player 2. Stab players in the head or ram their head into the ground, but don't go so far as to bonk your own head.

This game was made for the Extra Credits Game Jam #3 for March with the theme 'Cycles.'

Development notes:

This game was a lot of fun to make. I had the idea for it seconds after learning the theme. I tried to keep brainstorming but it wouldn't let me ignore it. I learned how to use the physics engine and game maker and realised the game would be a snap. I messed around with things, got my game design friends to test the movement mechanics, and after watching all of them enjoy standing on top of each other shoving the other into the ground, I decided to put it into the game, making the "no helmet" part of the game a stand-out feature.

This is not my first video game or game jam, but it is the first one in years, and the first game I've ever made in game maker past the tutorial ones. Thank you so much to the extra credit crew for getting me back into video games design after all this time doing board games.

Install instructions

Extract the zip the the folder of your choice, then run the executable in that folder.


UnicycleFightFinal.zip 5 MB

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